1960 Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato Recreation


Colour Sanction II Green

Trim Black hide

Drive Right hand drive

Gears Manual

This car offered for sale by:

Aston Workshop
A fine example of that most charismatic and desirable recreations of a DB4 GT Zagato that has ever been made by Aston Martin. It has been built using only genuine Aston Martin parts, with a genuine and original DB4 chassis and engine. The basic foundation is a DB4 Saloon and comes with the original chassis number and plate. The floor pan and chassis have been shortened and modified as a DB4 GT . The body is an accurate recreation of the voluptuous form of a genuine Zagato. It is fitted with a DB4 GT engine, with twin plug head and Weber carburettors to 4.2 litre specification, It has been fitted with a racing crankshaft, forged pistons and high compression cylinder head and is equipped with fast road camshafts to produce in excess of 300 BHP.

It is fitted with the standard DB4 gearbox with a high ratio final drive thus providing relaxed high speed cruising with sensational acceleration.

The interior is precisely as was the original DB4 GT Zagato with lightweight bucket type seats and a Zagato style instrument panel and dashboard. The leather carpets are charcoal with a grey headlining and black carpets

It has been painted as were the original DB4 GT Zagato in Sanction 2 green, a most attractive colour.

This car has only just been completed and has never been used on the road. It is offered for sale as is.

Enquiries are to be directed to Mr Bob Fountain personally.
1960 Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato Recreation
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